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All Avril

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Pics, pics, and more pics!

Welcome to All Avril, which is dubbed to the one and only- Avril.
I think I shall call her...tibbadee3


Everyday, someone learns something new. Well today your gunna learn something new about Avril!
  • She is Lactose Entollerant! (She can't have dairy.)
  • She would want to be a police man if she weren't a rockstar. (Find out why next time


She looks like Hilary Duff from afar! (YECH!)


Here is where i tell you what's new! I should change this stuff every few days, so check back. Don't count on it though because I have a busy summer!

6/28- ~New website!

7/01- ~Added new pages and pics to the site.
        ~New homepage pic.
7/12- Sorry I haven't updated lately! Been gone on vacation
       ~ I changed some of home page, check it out
       ~ I added some stuff, who knows what?
7/15-  ~More pics!!!


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Come visit for more updates!